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Health Uncovered with Mercedes Cook

Client: Justine Dolores
Melbourne, VIC, Australia

I’ve had the pleasure of being the go-to designer for Justine, collaborating to turn podcast dreams into reality for wonderful clients worldwide. My goal is to ensure that the artwork and assets I create not only do justice to the content but also capture and enhance the business branding. Working on these projects has been incredibly rewarding, blending creativity and purpose to make each podcast visually compelling.

The Health Uncovered podcast is on a mission to uncover the healthcare providers and treatment options you didn’t know existed. This show is for healthcare providers who want to think outside of the box to get their patient’s answers and for those struggling on their health journey.

Each week, your host Dr. Mercedes Cook and her guests will be sharing health tips and treatment options to help you get to the root cause of your health issues. If you’re tired of seeing doctor after doctor with no answers then this show is for you! You’ll learn all kinds of healthcare options that are available so you can move forward on your healing journey more confident than ever.

Mercedes Cook is a doctor of chiropractic with a diplomate in the cranial cervical junction procedures.

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