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Luna & Quartz

Client: Luna & Quartz
Perth, WA, Australia

Sarah approached me initially in 2021 in search of a brand & logo change to go with the new path and direction for her business Rope, Plants & Co. The design that she had originally weren’t giving the magic that her creations were giving to herself and her clients so this had to be the main focus direction for this rebrand. We also wanted to highlight the ‘handmade’ aspect to it but keep it to a strict minimum so that she can expand and grow.

In 2023, she came back to me again to do another rebrand. As her business was expanding, she didn’t want to pigeon hole herself too much with the macramé but still loved the typography of the original design. We changed the name to Luna & Quartz, the colour palette and altered the illustrations slightly, and it’s safe to say that she loves it.

client testimonial

Sarah Symons
Perth, WA
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Mel has been amazing to work with. I came to her not knowing what I wanted and somehow she just knew what I needed, she helped push me out of my comfort zone and go in a direction with my business I would of never thought to go with. She knew exactly what I needed for my business in order to reach my business goals. Her work is so unique, I would highly recommend her to any other small business.

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