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Mandala Moods

Mandala Moods

Client: Mandala Moods
Perth, WA, Australia

Trish approached me because she felt a bit stuck with the branding that she currently had. At this point, her business was only 6 months old & thriving but she was finding it a little hard to create a brand from the logo she had.

As everyone was starting to understand who Mandala Moods was, we didn’t want to change it completely but to find a way that we can make it flexible enough to grow with the business. We went down the route of figuring out what “a mood a mandala gives” and came up with magical, witchy, happy & calm. Paired with an originally drawn mandala by yours truly, this typography is a little more Trish and Mandala Moods because all her customers are on cloud 9 when they burn her candles in their home.


Studio photos taken by Sol Search Studio.

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