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Mindfulmess with Steph Prem

Client: Justine Dolores
Melbourne, VIC, Australia

I’ve had the pleasure of being the go-to designer for Justine, collaborating to turn podcast dreams into reality for wonderful clients worldwide. My goal is to ensure that the artwork and assets I create not only do justice to the content but also capture and enhance the business branding. Working on these projects has been incredibly rewarding, blending creativity and purpose to make each podcast visually compelling.

Steph Prem’s mindfulmess is the podcast for those passionate about health, high performance, mindset and personal development. Her show will help you learn the hacks and one-percenters from multi-faceted high performers like Olympians, business leaders, athletes and entrepreneurs. Each week, your host Steph Prem and her guests will share practical and insightful tips on physical and mental health and wellbeing, each episode grounded in the lived experience of inspiring high performers. You’ll learn through real conversations around the realities of achieving and sustaining Balance and Mindfulness amongst the ‘mess’ that is life. Steph Prem is a former Winter Olympian, Speaker and Health and High-performance coach.

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