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Client: Popii
Perth, WA, Australia

You’re in for a TREAT 

Popii is a gourmet handmade sweets business in Perth that creates delightful gift boxes for the sweet tooth in your life. Designing the branding and logo for Popii was an absolute joy, bringing back childhood memories of visiting the sweet shop near my home in New Zealand. I recall the excitement of choosing from a rainbow of options with friends before heading to the cinema, a feeling I wanted to recreate for Popii’s customers.

For this project, I aimed to evoke the thrill of being a kid in a candy store when customers receive their Popii box. The goal was to foster joy, create lasting memories, and indulge in every sugary treat until a sugar high kicks in. 

I chose to highlight items like marshmallows, popcorn, and sweets in the design, as they perfectly complement the branding colors, typography, and the subtly retro vibe of the business. These illustrations are also featured on thank you cards and the box itself, creating a distinctive pattern that represents the brand without needing to plaster the name all over.

Thank you, Natasha and Steven, for allowing me to relive my childhood memories while bringing your business to life and for letting me experience the Popii box firsthand!

Since creating this rebrand, they have branched off into creating Pastéis de Nata – Portuguese tarts. They are delicious & still using the same branding.

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client testimonial

Natasha & Steven Constandinou
Perth, WA
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It was a pleasure working with Mel. She was always friendly and professional. She took the time to understand our vision for our business and was able to capture our vision in her designs.
With all her designs that she did for us, she linked the designs and colours to a deeper connection and created a meaning behind the design. Through this, we were able to identify and fall in love with the brand, and we think our customers were able to identify with the brand too.

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