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Ruby Lights

Client: Ruby Lights
Perth, WA, Australia

Tara came to me with an issue with her branding for Ruby Lights . The current logo she had was working, it was just that she wasn’t quite vibing the gem that was used as her secondary logo much. It was cute and all, but in the end it didn’t sit quite right.

As much as the gemstone was created because of “Ruby,” the name of her daughter and its association with the type of crystal, I thought that we were missing the other half of the name – “Lights.”

So why not have a gemstone that looked like a flame? Hot.

And adding in more of a wispy flare to the letters to manipulate a flame? Double hot.

Prior to this, Tara had only worked with black, white and gold. Minimal, chic, aesthetically pleasing. It all looks fab and I loved it, but she needed a little oomph, elevate the brand and associate it back to the name. I had done a bit of research into the meaning of the Ruby crystal:

promote loving, nurturing, energy, creativity, loyalty.

This was then the inspiration behind the colour palette. We introduced some colours that complimented each other, but also was deep, sexy, brightens up a room without it taking over the scene. 

Overall, it isn’t a drastic change to the brand you all know and love, only a zhuzh up. Sometimes you don’t need a complete makeover to make you feel more yourself. 

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