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Sacred Strength

Sacred Strength

Client: Sacred Strength
Perth, WA, Australia

Kristy is always found in the ocean, so the most natural instinct for me was to draw colours from our beautiful beaches. The power and strength from a wave crashing down on a stormy day and also the peaceful melody of the small waves with the sunset was the inspiration in bringing Sacred Strength to life. The two polar opposites on a day at the beach.

KBPT – Kristy Barr Personal Trainer turned to Sacred Strength in the span of 3 weeks. We completed her brand process and her logo design just in time for when the WA restrictions for gyms to be lifted Her soul coaching in combination of personal training (weights, strength, physical goals) and spiritual (meditation, yoga, mental goals), is such a wonderful combination to have in the alignment and self-care each one of us need.

Triquetra Symbol – The Triple Moon
This sign represents the threefold nature of the goddess: maiden, mother & crone. Symbolises the forces of the Goddesses and the balance of mind, body & spirit. The circle signifies the ever-turning cycle of life, death & rebirth. Power of three & celebrate the divine feminine.
Sign of female empowerment.

client testimonial

Kristy Barr
Secret Harbour, WA
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Mel was amazing to work with! I had no idea what the process involved and she walked me through every step without making me feel silly or inexperienced. She nailed my creative brief and made my vision come to life! I am so proud to show my new logo and design. I’d recommend Mel to anyone looking for a professional & creative designer!

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