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Seeking Wilder

Client: Seeking Wilder
Perth, WA, Australia

Big transformational energy.

I first collaborated with Courtney two years ago to create the branding and logo design for Seeking Wilder.

While Courtney continues to offer these services, she reached out earlier this year for a rebrand, driven by a surge of transformational energy that she felt was not reflected in the existing brand.

We introduced a new color palette with subtle gradients, retaining the original logo and illustrative elements that still resonated with her business. Additionally, we developed a new logo suite to encapsulate this fresh energy.

Our goal was to symbolize that working with Courtney allows clients to dive into the depths of their being, discovering true meaning and embarking on a soulful journey together.

client testimonial

Courtney Wilder
Perth, WA
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Would you recommend my services?: Hell yes!!
Is there anything Mel could improve on?: Nope. A dream. True perfection.
What a blessing it has been to discover you. The way you have captured by brand and the essence of my business, even when I struggled to put into words what I was trying to emanate and was only giving you feelings. What you created for me was absolutely perfection. Cannot wait to work with you again soon.

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