Mel - Logo - Teal

Twin Flames

Client: Twin Flames
Perth, WA, Australia

We love a fire sign 🔥

When Jess and CJ approached me to create the brand and logo for their new business launching in early 2023, I was thrilled! As a budding witch myself, the concept of their business deeply resonated with me. I found myself both learning from their vision and contributing my design expertise.

So, what is Twin Flames Incense?

Twin Flames Incense offers loose incense blends designed to aid witches in their rituals, making it easy to create magic and manifest desires anywhere, anytime.

What’s the design idea?

During the conceptual stage, we decided on a direction that fused vintage tarot cards with Cottage-core witch aesthetics. Jess and CJ envisioned a design featuring curvier figures and the essential symbol of fire, embodying the essence of their magical brand.

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