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Words to Experience

Client: Courtney Hope Wilder
Perth, WA, Australia

Take me to the sea

Let me feel the salt air kiss my skin
and soothe my soul
the waves were my first love.
enamoured with their ebbs and flows
they taught me love was not a stagnant thing.

You will not keep me through stability
for I do not love with solid ground

I was born of salt air and salt water,
you will corrode before you ever tame my swell.

Courtney Hope Wilder


It was a no brainer that the inspiration behind this book had to be the connection Courtney had to the sea.

Like the sea, we are constantly moving, traveling. We aren’t where we were yesterday, a month or a year ago.

The beautiful words of Courtney’s book – Words to Experience – is for the readers to connect with themselves, but also others, as “we are never truly experiencing anything alone.”

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