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Worthy Australia

Client: Worthy Australia
Perth, WA, Australia

The team over at Worthy Australia came reached out to me in needing some help with their branding.

They didn’t need a drastic change with the logo they currently had, but they had too many colours in their logo, no other logo variations to use besides their primary one, which in turn made it difficult to place their logo on coloured backgrounds.

So what did I do?

1. limit the amount of colours in the palette – I usually only give my clients 4 colours maximum to use throughout all their platforms so it doesn’t look boring.

2. making sure the text in the logo is evenly weighted – a couple of the letters with the font they chose to make this logo was not quite right (I’m looking at the W here) so I made it less sharp, make them all a little thicker, rounded the O up, and space them out. Something as small as this makes a huge difference, and made the text custom!

3. reducing the size of the umbrella – imagery for logos should never overpower the text as people need to read first. Having the umbrella just sitting above the W is the added & hidden meaning that provide shelter & protection for women.

4. giving them logo variations – having the umbrella on its own, the W with the umbrella, and the text font on its own is giving them additional ways to showcase their logo, as well as using them in different spaces.

5. choosing a font with multiple weights – having a font that has a light, regular, medium, bold, extra bold etc, really helps with the hierarchy. How important is the messaging? As this business is a charity and provides help to those in need, we needed to have a font that is clear and straight to the point. As their content is usually providing information, it needs to be legible at a quick scroll.

Something as simple as these changes can elevate a brand so much that although you might not see it, it makes such a huge impact.

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