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Zuleika Binte Collection

Client: Zuleika Binte Collection
Perth, WA, Australia

Introducing, ZBC.

For the people who love to have beautiful, handmade items, and prioritise self-care & self growth. Their ideal weekend consists of going to a local market, a bit of arts & crafts with good company.

We wanted to create a fun, magical, trustworthy, uplifting, spiritual & playful brand to best capture the creations that Zu come up with, and I needed to do that justice.

From our chat in our initial meeting, we talked about this idea about this figure of an Earth Mother. As Zu hand crafts ceramics with clay, the idea of this goddess who is grounded, one with the earth, and recreating from what the earth has provided was the core messaging I wanted to focus on.

In addition to that, I wanted to incorporate symbols on her body of the earth, sun, moon, water, stars, to show them all living in harmony with one another, whilst holding up one of her mugs – what she is known for and originally started her business with.

client testimonial

Zuleika Binte Williams
Perth, WA
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Thank you Mel for all your hardwork and deciphering the thoughts in my brain and bringing them to life for me. Have a beautiful design that truly represents me. Appreciate it and you xxx

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